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Trousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESGTrousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESGTrousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESGTrousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESGTrousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESGTrousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESG
Trousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESG

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Trousers i-Vis Cannygo Easygo KEDP-ESG

Article: KEDP-ESG
Trousers are made of high quality, durable 310g polyester/cotton fabric. The product contains of 65% polyester, which strengthens the fabric, prevents it from slipping and fade during washing, increases UV resistance, thus prolonging the time of use of the product.
67,64 € with VAT
Bright fluorescent fabric combined with reflecting tapes for increased visibility in poor lighting conditions. Fabrics meet the latest EU standards - EN ISO 20471 Class 2.
The size of the trimmers on the sides of the trousers is adjusted with the help of a stroke and an elastic band. Each side has a tight pocket. Above them - sewn additional hanging pockets, which are made of four chapters. Right pocket on the inside with a hidden pocket ID (for employee identification). On the right side is a tool pocket with two sections and an extra loop. On the left side of the thigh area is a capacious pocket with two velcro fasteners with an additional three-piece pocket. Two large pockets on the back. The pocket is open on the left and the flap on the right with a velcro fastener. The durability of the product is determined by the location of the fabric side and internal joints, which are three-sided. The dark colored material is used in places where it is usually fogged. The ankle pockets are made of 100% Canvas Polyester, which ensures maximum resistance to friction. The kneepads law is formed from the top, which provides maximum protection for the entry of dirt inside. Two light-reflecting strips of 70 mm width go in the area of ​​the nappy. The trousers have an opportunity to extend 5 cm - pulling black thread at the bottom of the toes.
Season: Summer
Gender: For men
Availability: Pēc pasūtījuma

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