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Thermo shirt Stepo Merino
Thermo shirt Stepo Merino

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Thermo shirt Stepo Merino

Article: Stepo Merino
Thermo shirt STEPO MERINO is an extremely warm and soft first layer garment that helps to maintain optimal body temperature. 
30,61 € with VAT
The special heat-insulating properties retain heat and ensure efficient air circulation. Made of soft double layer fabric. The outer layer is made of merino wool and polyester. The highest quality merino wool is extremely thin, soft, non-puncturing, elastic, has a unique ability to absorb and evaporate moisture, while remaining dry. The inner layer is made of polyester, which quickly and easily removes moisture from the body. Mild polyester does not irritate the skin, it is saturated with silver ion particles, which stops the formation of unpleasant odor and reduces perspiration. Through active movement and sweating, moisture is easily removed through the polyester fabric into merino wool, which further displaces moisture from the body and keeps the body dry.
Outer layer: 20% merino wool / 80% polyester
Inner layer: 100% polyester
Grammar: 180g / m2
Sizes: XS / S, M, L, XL / XXL
Season: Winter
Manufacturer: Stepo
Availability: Noliktavā

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