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Safety system Protect P-50 DIDA-P50
Safety system Protect P-50 DIDA-P50

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Safety system Protect P-50 DIDA-P50

Article: DIDA-P50
Body seat belt against falls from a height made of polyamide 44 mm in width and wide lumbar belt (20 cm) to the chest and thigh areas in pins with two mounting points: a) the back area in the D-shaped fastening buckle
b) the chest area located in two loops, the fastening function is performed only bound, together.
60,69 € with VAT

D-fastening buckle back area is made of ​​steel. Attached to a 35 cm extension of polyamide strips intended for the convenience of work with Fall arrest equipment. If there is no need for its use, the tape is simply attached to a Velcro strap fastening aid. Body safety belt adjustment points are in the chest and thigh areas. The toggle-adjustable metal buckles allows you to simply and quickly put on the belt and adjust the length of the user shape.
Standarts EN 361; EN358

Manufacturer: Protekt
Profession: Builders
Gender: For men
Availability: Noliktavā
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