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Particulate Filter P2R 3M 2125
Particulate Filter P2R 3M 2125

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Particulate Filter P2R 3M 2125

Article: 2125
Possible use with half mask series 6000, 7500 or with full face series 6000. 3M™ Disc Filter 2125 P2 Particulate is one of the 3M™ 2000 series of filters that provide a lightweight filter option for 3M™ 
Half and Full Face respirators. 
14,19 € with VAT


Possible use with half mask series 6000, 7500 or with full face series 6000. 

Contains advanced Electret Media for maximal filtration efficiency & light weight. 

Low breathing resistance

Approved as a P2 filter

Lighter than conventional filters that

provide comparable protection.

Durable, water-resistant and flame


Bayonet fitting ensures precise & safer


Versatility: can be used on all 3M

6000, 3M 7000 & 3M 7500 Series Half

Masks and Full Face Masks

The 3M™ Disc Filter 2125 can be used in industries where excess levels of particulates are present in the workplace atmosphere.  


Weight: 8g per filter (nominal).

Size: 11cm Ø x 1cm deep (nominal).

Tested and meets specifications to AS/

NZS 1716:2003 Class P2 particulate filter when used with compatible 3M respirators. 

Able to be used for protection from mechanically and/or thermally generated particulates i.e. it therefore provides protection against dusts, mists, welding fumes, smokes and biological agents such as Legionella, Q fever and anthrax. 

When selected and used in accordance with AS/NZS 1715, the 3M™

Disc Filter 2125 is capable of providing protection against particulates at levels up to ten (10) times the Exposure. 

Standard on a half face mask and up to fifty (50) times the Exposure Standard on a full face mask.


Season: Summer, Winter
Manufacturer: 3M
Profession: Builders
Gender: For men
Availability: Noliktavā

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