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Low shoes 22019 Yucon S1P
Low shoes 22019 Yucon S1P

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Low shoes 22019 Yucon S1P

Article: 22019
Safety low shoes with 200 joule composite toecap and Zero Penetration midsole. Nubuck leather upper with “Multifresh” inserts.
70,18 € with VAT

Low shoe with 200 joule composite toecap and Zero Penetration midsole.

Nubuck leather upper with “Multifresh” inserts.

REACTOR sole: Polyurethane/TPU sole. The open-cell polyurethane

(PU) insole allows for a high shape memory effect and provides a

cushioning effect. The TPU outsole provides flexibility, softness, as well

as mechanical and chemical resistance. Especially after prolonged use, it

enhances forefoot flexibility for a more natural motion, reducing fatigue.

Anti-slip SRC standard.

DUAL FRESH Insoles in bi-component fabric with variable thickness and

shock-absorbing properties. They are made from special foams and

particularly contact-friendly fabrics which prevent perspiration.

DRY-PLUS polyester lining offering superb absorbing properties prevents

feet overheating.

Main features:

- Conforming the German standard BGR 191, suitable for use of

orthopaedic insoles.

- Curved sole to facilitate grip and walking

- Innovative design

- Total support of the outsole on the ground

- Open angles to help releasing the impurities

- Outsole with high memory performance

- Outsole in TPU, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons

- Grooves with open angles to discharge any accumulation

- Horizontal grooves to improve flexibility and movements

- Outsole in igh mechanical resistance and long-lasting TPU

- Grooves pattern for better draining of liquids

- Anti-slip SRC standard

Standart: EN 20345 Safety Class: S1P SRC

Season: Summer
Manufacturer: Sir Safety system
Gender: For men
Availability: Pēc pasūtījuma

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