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Filtr ABEK1 3M 6059
Filtr ABEK1 3M 6059

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Filtr ABEK1 3M 6059

Article: 6059
Possible use with half mask series 6000, 7500 or with full face series 6000. 
26,31 € with VAT

Compatible with 3M ™ 6000 and 3M ™ 7500 half masks, as well as 3M ™ full face masks

The manufacturer recommends using this gas filter with 3M ™ 5911 (P1), 3M ™ 5925 (P2) or 3M ™ 5935 (P3) prefilters depending on the conditions of work

The main task of the aerosol prefilter is to protect a person from harmful aerosols. Another objective of the prefilter is to extend the life of the gas filter until its resource is exhausted.

The prefilters are attached to the gas filter with a 3M ™ 501 holder

Gas filter protects against vapors of organic and inorganic substances, acid gases, ammonia and its derivatives ABEK1

Coal - a natural sorbent activated in 3M laboratories, effectively filters air from gaseous harmful substances in the air of an industrial zone.

Type of gas protection - Ammonia and its derivatives, Organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65 degrees Celsius

Film Type - Gas Filter

Season: Summer, Winter
Manufacturer: 3M
Profession: Builders
Gender: For men
Availability: Noliktavā

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