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Filter adapter 3M 502
Filter adapter 3M 502

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Filter adapter 3M 502

Article: 502
The 3M Filter Adapter 502 is used to attach disc style 3M Particulate Filters to 3M half face and full face respirators when used in addition to a 3M Respirator cartridge. Price per pair. 
9,47 € with VAT
3M ™ 502 3M ™ 2135 and 2138 Anti-Aerosol Filter Holder for simultaneous use with 3M ™ 6000 Series Gas Filter.

Made of plastic.
Designed for mounting aerosol filters on gas filters of the 3M ™ 6000 series.
If the holder is damaged, it must be replaced to ensure that the prefilter is pressed firmly on the surface of the gas filter.
No holders are required for attaching the 3M ™ 2135 and 6035 anti-aerosol filters directly to the mask or half mask - only for attaching them to the 3M ™ 6000 series gas filters.
The holder of model 502 is designed for fixing aerosol filters of models 2135 and 2138 on gas filters for reusable half masks and full face masks 3M. 
With the 3M ™ 502 holder, the high-performance 3M ™ 2135 and 2138 high-performance aerosol filters with protection class P3 can be used simultaneously with gas filters. In addition to protecting the person, they increase the life of gas filters.
Season: Summer, Winter
Manufacturer: 3M
Profession: Builders
Gender: For men
Availability: Noliktavā

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