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Earplug 3M 1120 34dB
Earplug 3M 1120 34dB

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Earplug 3M 1120 34dB

Article: 1120
Very soft formulation for lower pressure in ear and improved comfort with a smooth dirt resistant surface.
0,24 € with VAT

Protection: Against harmful noise, but especially where noise levels are a continuous problem. Features: Contoured design helps make the plug more flexible allowing it to easily conform to the wearers' ear canal enhancing wearer comfort. Applications: Particularly convenient when safety glasses/goggles are also being worn and for individuals with narrow ear canals. Approvals: Complies with European Standard EN 352-2:2002 SNR = 34 dB. CE Marked

Manufacturer: 3M
Gender: For men
Availability: Noliktavā

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