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Deer Leather Gloves 201 Tetu
Deer Leather Gloves 201 Tetu

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Deer Leather Gloves 201 Tetu

Article: 201
Smooth goatskin gloves combined with nylon fabric. 
2,63 € with VAT

Work gloves made of deer leather 

• resistant to mechanical wear

• Britex fabric

• back of the hand of the x / cotton fabric

Additional Information: palm, fingertips and wrist from pig skin.  

Dimensions: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

240 pairs per box.

Material: Deer skin.

Areas of use: In carrying out various general works in construction, industry, agriculture, trade, work on cleaning, household, sport and leisure. Above all, the work requires precision.


Season: Summer
Profession: Builders
Availability: Noliktavā

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